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Pay per view DVD

Free authoring

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To help you get started in the universe Lock & Pay, our society will accompany you and gives you 6 months of authoring 100% free.

The Authoring include: the technical design of your DVD (Authoring), encoding your videos, graphic design to final your authoring and master DVD menu pages. Only DVD containing one or more pay sequences Lock & Pay may be offered.

  • This offer is valid for every new user of the system Lock & Pay
  • Mettre au moins une séquence payante Lock&Pay par Authoring offert.
  • This offer is valid 6 months. We will achieve so during this period both authoring as you want.
  • We do impose you no restriction on amount of free authoring: you can make 1, 10, 100, 1000 at your convenience.

Support and expertise

Euro First Multimédia his years of experience in the field of DVD will accompany you and guide you if necessary for the design and marketing optimized your DVD Lock& Pay.

Euro First Multimedia also advise you and direct you to professionals of the image and the DVD:
pressing, distribution, video search, recovery of unsold, press, broadcast in other countries etc...
Euro First Multimedia is at your disposal and puts all its expertise to optimize your DVD releases.

100% Profitable business

Lock & Pay allows you to achieve an additional turnover on the dissemination of your DVD without additional charge. Indeed, if you already press DVD, simply add pay sequences with our pay-per-view Lock system & pay on your products DVD and you will then realize a significant additional CA. In addition, we offer you the design of your DVD (authoring) which saves you from the outset a fixed cost.

A high remanence

Extend the duration of marketing of your DVD in a significant way.

Once your DVD sold or offered, the gains are sustainable and regular. As long as your DVD are in nature, customers use pay-per-view Lock & Pay and consume sequences of the years after the marketing of your 1st DVD.

Protection of your data

The Lock & Pay System protects your data and encrypted videos.

The method allows you to lock in an efficient manner the contents and thus prevents piracy of your products. our system of payment also realized by our company protects you also risk of fraud.

Real-time statistics


Our Lock & Pay System offers complete and real-time statistical ultra access.

Very easy to use, it allows you to quickly view your connections and your winnings.
The benefits of our access statistics :

  • It allows you to view 1-click the performance of your DVD for sale
  • You make a perfect summary of the consumed pay scenes and you can thus adapt and improve the content of your next DVD products.
  • You just enter and 1 once your DVD information and analysis is then automatic.
  • You can view your earnings in real time.

What are the costs associated with the use of Lock & Pay for professionals?

There is no setup fees, no subscription fees for the use of the Lock & Pay System. We charge only a small margin on each payment on your DVD.

How to install Lock & Pay on my DVD?

We provide you a software simple to use allowing you to achieve your authoring Lock & Pay simply and ultra fast.

Our technical service is also at your disposal to accompany you on your accomplishments and creations of DVD lock & Pay
we propose you to make ourselves your authoring and for free, and this for a period of 6 months.
for those who wish to start only and keep full control of their DVD project, we offer you your authoreurs training in our premises and this for free. The training lasts 1 hour.

World's leading pay-per-view DVD

Lock & Pay sells encrypted DVDs pay-per-view for over 7 years and in many countries, France, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Italy, Spain, etc... Thanks to a patent filed and protected, Lock & Pay is the only solution to bring you so many benefits, security and advice for the operation of your DVD. Lock & Pay is the best patented solution of pay-per-view DVD. Lock & Pay works on all DVD players: Platinum lounge, office computer, laptop, portable DVD player etc... With 370 companies users of our system through the world, Lock & Pay is the undisputed world leader of pay-per-view DVD.