Lock Pay ©

Pay per view DVD

What is Lock & Pay ?


Lock&Pay ® is a process that allows locking partly or totally the programs on a DVD. This locked part, is accessible exclusively to users who have knowledge of the access code. This makes possible for the content producer to propose additional content on his DVD against a micro-payment (Premium call and/or Premium SMS).
Lock & Pay ® is a patent pending whose Euro First Multimedia has acquired the exclusive worldwide license.

Pay per view DVD / Blu-Ray

Create DVDs multi-program and offer paid content to final consumers.

Means of payment DVD

Lock&Pay is a secured pay solution on a DVD, it allows you to bill videos on your DVD.

New income from your DVDs

Increase your income from your DVDs without any additional expense

Who can access Lock&Pay

Lock&Pay works on each and every DVD device with no exception

Customized purchase

Lock&Pay is a simple way to select “Video On Demand". Users pay only for what they wish to watch.