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Established in 1997, our group is now present in 28 countries. With a knowledge of indisputable media in the broad sense, Euro First Multimedia is the only French structure present in the whole of the media: pay-per-view - Web - Micro - payment online - press - radio - mobile - iphone - ipad - TV ip - TV - advertising. With more than 370 clients around the world, our society is the indispensable partner to succeed its transition to digital. Able to provide varied and various solutions, we are the ideal partner for SEO, the audience and monetization of your DVD or your sites. Lock & Pay also allows the broadcaster to DVD / Blu - Ray to increase their income and this free of charge. How many are we? Euro First Multimedia today consists of a team of 48 employees and 4 offices around the world.

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A company with a rare responsiveness and professionalism. With Euro First Multimedia, we increased our DVD margin of over 30%

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Meet our team

Paul Gibert

President CEO

Débora Patholina

Director of marketing

Patrick Pool

Director development

Marie Héléne Descat

Commercial Director

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A perfect knowledge of multimedia.
Web -DVD -mobile -payment solutions

Euro First Multimedia and its teams are at your disposal to help you achieve your digital projects and put all their expertise and experience at the service of their clients.

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