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Pay per view DVD

Authoring 100% free

We offer to all new clients a 6 months free of charge period of master conception. The lonely requirement is to implement Lock&Pay on it!


Real-time statistics

Follow your Lock&Pay stats in real time, and using the code by code analysis, improve your content for the next DVD or Blu-Ray


Monthly repayment

Payment: Month + 10. Get your money 10 days after the end of the month. Bill based on your real time stats


Global presence

Lock&Pay is available in 28 different countries with a potential of 700 million users. USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK…


Our work is dedicated to the prosperity of our customers!

Lock&Pay is the solution for who wants to generate revenues without new fees or investment in DVD industry. Lock&Pay is the lonely way to implement VOD on a DVD or Blu-Ray from A to Z. No fees, Authorings for free, Pay-Off at Month + 10.

Our company is also willing to give you tips regarding DVD manufacturing, as we constantly monitor the market..